Susan MacBryde. Age 63. NY. Business Sector. Community and Economic Development.

I’ve worked for over thirty years in New York City and Upstate New York as a marketing and fundraising professional, primarily for non-profit human service organizations. I’ve worked on behalf of diverse populations including victims of domestic violence and abuse, the intellectually disabled, hospital cancer patients, AIDS patients and drug / alcohol addicts. Only recently, I received my B.S. in Community and Human Services, with a concentration in Human Services Management. Besides my main work, I also have experience in strategic planning, board relations, program and staff development, budget preparation and department administration. My positions have ranged from working independently as a freelancer to supervising a development department as senior director. My goal is to work for an international NGO as a community services networker to help identify and meet human needs through combining existing services with new program development. I hope my Peace Corps work in Azerbaijan will help me learn new skills applicable to this goal. For my secondary project I’d like to work with internally displaced persons, especially women, youth and children traumatically affected by adversity, unwanted change or even the apprehension of desirable change. I hope this work will teach me how to stabilize lives and help people create cooperative, grassroots initiatives to regain economic empowerment and independence as vital community members.


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